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DP Photo Challenge: State of Mind

DP Photo Challenge: State of Mind

“A style all her own” … That was the text under my high school year book photo.  Since the rules of year book captions state that you can’t say anything negative about your fellow classmates, that is about as close to saying….”She is a bit weird”… as you can get.

In high school being different, wasn’t a good thing, but now I embrace that weirdness and it can be demonstrated by my state of mind.  I love winter at the beach (perhaps not normal).  It is quiet, it is cooler, there are limited numbers of tourists around and I can happily take pictures of critters that seem to take on human characteristics.  So here what they say to me:

DSC_0438 (3)

I’m really glad that I’m not the only one having a bad hair day.

DSC_0016 (2)

Who are you looking at?

DSC_0382 (5)

And while not a critter, who can resist a February blooming yellow rose that says:  Life is good.

There you have it…my state of mind today.


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Cee’s B & W Challenge: Sepia Lighthouse

  I thought this would make a good subject for Cee’s B & W Challenge: Sepia


This past Sunday, hubby and I went on a guided walk at Fort Pulaski.   The park rangers escorted us on one of the trails to the Cockspur Lighthouse.  Right now the lighthouse and the little island on which it stands is closed for some much needed repairs. I was able to take some nice photos across the channel.   Even though, I was in swamp mud up to my ankles and my sneakers will never be the same, I had a great time and would like to share this photo with you.