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DP Photo Challenge: Close-Up

Here is a close up shot of a hawk enjoying the last bits of its lunch.

If you click to enlarge the picture, you can see its tongue (which I didn’t know hawks have).  The definition of the feathers is interesting as well.  I enlarged the head portion to highlight.  If that doesn’t creep you out, you have a stronger constitution than I do.  ; )

DSC_0218 (5)DSC_0218 (6)

Photo Challenge: Close UP

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Photo 101: Edge & Alignment

It was a cloudy and overcast day.  A large blue heron was perched on the “edge” of the roof line.  I was two stories below, so he or she showed no fear, and I was able to take all the pictures that I wanted while he preened.  Here are two  that I believe demonstrate today’s theme. “edge”.

DSC_0177 (5)

DSC_0164 (3)Note:  The roof is peaked.  While I straightened the photos a bit, I did not make the lines flat, because then the bird looked crooked.