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WP Photo Challenge: Now

The time is now.

I am guilty.  Holidays make me nostalgic.  I start dwelling on the people and traditions that are no longer in my life.  I get sad, I get depressed. “Oh, woe is me.” 

Remind me of the now and the great life I am living.  Here are some images that I captured today.  The past was wonderful; and, the present is pretty great too.

DSC_0165 (3)

It has been a foggy Christmas week.  Isn’t the lighthouse pretty in the purple mist?


Nature decorating the spruce and red berries against a green leafy background.


I hope your holidays are happy and bring you everything that you desire.

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DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops

DP Photo Challenge: Oops

When you try to take pictures of birds and wildlife, you get many, many oops(es).  Here is my all time favorite entitled “Sh*t Happens”.  It was taken awhile back, but really fits this challenge.  Other than the pooh, I thought it was a pretty cool photo.


I was out this afternoon catching sea gulls in flight.  Here is a great shot of one bird flying….unfortunately it was completely out of range of my camera…oops.


Digital Photography gotta love it….those oops(es) aren’t developed, just deleted.