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A Coal Miner’s Daughter

Against all odds a socially-inept coal miner’s daughter from a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania…married a wonderful, handsome man and went to live on a beautiful and quirky island on the coast of Georgia.  She is blessed with family,  good friends and a rich life….against the odds.

She can walk to the beach an see pretty birds.
She can stand on the porch and take a picture of seafaring vessels.
She can appreciate a special sunrise at the pier.
She should always be thankful for the life she leads.

DP Challenge: Against the Odds

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Where’s My Shadow?

DP Photo Challenge: Shadow

I thought this was an appropriate shot for this weeks photo challenge.  The ibis in the front has a clear and sharp shadow.  For the one in the rear, there is no shadow at all.  With his upside-down pose and twisted neck….he truly could be saying, “Where’s my shadow?”