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Photo 101: Glass, Squared

It all started innocently enough, I bought a raffle ticket at the local library.  Hey, it’s a good cause and I tend to be lucky about winning small prizes.  I won that day too…a beautiful stained glass panel.  I was hooked and now am a “collector”.  Here is a shot of the piece that started it all, along with a couple of others that are favorites.  Each piece that I have is not only pretty in its own right, but also holds a story or memory that is precious to me.

DSC_0254 (2)
The panel that started it all.
DSC_0247 (2)
Built in stained glass window at our home on Tybee.
DSC_0249 (3)
Hubby bought this for me at a craft fair.
Independence Day favorite
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Photo 101: Treasure & Close-up

This is perhaps my favorite assignment, so far.  Too often I can be a pessimist and focus on the negatives.  This assignment made me look at the positive and all the treasures in my life.    I live in a great place and time.  I am relatively healthy.  I have freedom and resources to live the way I want.  I can be quirky and weird or I can be straight-laced or conservative.  If you don’t like what I am doing, that’s okay, I can still do it.  I have my family and my friends to enjoy life with me and they make it all worthwhile.  Here are some photos of my treasures from just the last twenty-four hours.  As photo art, they may not be prize-worthy, but they remind me of just a fraction of the treasures I have in my life.

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Photo 101: Scale & Observation

I have been living on Tybee over three years now and I am still fascinated by the massive size of the container ships that go up the river.  This is a photo taken yesterday afternoon of a container ship as it rounded a point on the island.  The ship is fairly close to the shore.  To determine scale look at the people on the beach (aka the tiny dots).  You can also look at each of the containers on the ship and recognize that they are semi truck trailers.

DSC_0179 (2)Here is an older close up of a container ship with a tug boat in front of it.  Perhaps it is even better to determine scale.  You can see the tug’s captain if you look closely in the window.


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Photo 101: Moment & Motion

We have a bird feeder in our backyard which is very popular with the local and migrating feathered critters.  We did have a bird bath which the birds really liked, until the “unfortunate incident” with the homeowner association’s lawn care company.  But I digress…here is my motion capture:  Two cardinals were enjoying a brief snack a few days ago.   Bird in motion.

DSC_0250 (4)

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Photo 101: Architecture & Monochrome

I have been promising myself to get into Savannah to take some pictures of buildings, cemeteries and squares, unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet.  Given that the last two weeks temperatures have stalled in the 90’s, it is not likely to happen soon.  So I dug through my photo archives for this assignment.  Hubby and I went to Disney World for our 10th anniversary.  In Epcot, I took a few “architecture” photos.  Here’s one in living color and in monochrome.  See What you think. (I though of using a shot of the Tower of Terror, but figured this one was more appropriate. )


IMG_0146 (2)

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Photo 101: Mystery & Lighting Effects

There is a lighthouse on the Savannah River that always seemed mysterious to me.  Perhaps because it is only accessible by boat and I have never been inside.  I thought it would be a good choice for this assignment.  I have two shots…one shows the lighthouse right after sunset (romantic or fanciful feeling for me) the other shows the lighthouse as a thunderstorm is approaching (dark and perhaps ominous).

Past Sunset
Past Sunset
Stormy Times
Stormy Times
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Photo Challenge: Roy G Biv

Roy G. Biv

His breast feathers are red, fading into orange.  The bottom of the bird bath is yellow ( I painted it myself).  Green feathers and leaves on the bath are visible.  Blue are the butterfly wings on the bird bath.  Indigo plumes on the painted bunting’s head and finally a bit of violet on the butterfly’s lower wing.  I think I hit them all.  Photo is a tad blurry since bunting was moving quickly and bird bath is a little cloudy since it sees heavy use, but the colors of the rainbow are there.

DSC_0067 (4)