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Evening at the Beach

Daily Post Photo Challenge: Serene

DSC_0198 (3)

What could be more “serene” than a quiet evening at the beach?  Hope you enjoy.


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Castles in the Sand

DP Photo Challenge: Transient

What can be more transient than sand art.  Every May Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) holds a sand art contest on Tybee Island.  Here are some of the transient entries from this year.  We have: 

The Hermit Crab
DSC_0083 (2)


DSC_0147 (2)
Kitty Cat
The Requisite Castle

As they say on Tybee….”Leave only your Footprints.”

Copyright 2017  TybeeTabby

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Moonlight on the Beach

Daily Post Photo Challenge: Ambience


4:30 in the morning, as I rose to answer nature’s call, I looked out the window and this is what I saw.  I ran down stairs to get my camera and stood on the porch in my nightie and bare feet.  While I took several pictures, this is the only one that turned out because I didn’t have a tripod set up.  I do think it demonstrates the special ambience of that moon-lite night.

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The Power of Water

Photo Challenge: H2O

Calm peaceful water…a source of joy, a thing of beauty.  Tybee Island on a warm clear day.  The egret searching for his dinner.

This past week, not so much.  Hurricane Matthew changed our landscape and reminded us of the power of water.  Lots of damage, but no loss of life in our little community.  We’ll clean up and move forward and always remember the power of water.