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Photo Challenge: Motion

Critters, critters and more critters…I had trouble picking just one picture for this photo challenge.  So I selected three.  I think they all convey the theme of motion.

The first is a group of plovers…the wave is crashing the bird is flying…movement everywhere.

DSC_0242 (3)The second photo is a shot of a local coyote.  He was moving quickly, likely to get away from the human who was excitedly snapping pictures.


The last picture is a shot of a blue heron rising out of the marsh.  If you look closely at the bottom right of the photo, you can see the spray of water flowing off its feet.

DSC_0073 (3)I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Week 14

Tybee Island, Georgia is a wonderful place.  It is also quirky.  That is just one of the reasons, I love it.  Highway 80 is the main road through town and as you are driving along you may run into this fine beast.  He and his assistant (or is that his lunch) are generally involved in some seasonal activity.  Since Spring has sprung, the dinosaurs are out doing a bit of gardening.

I have a feeling this one fits the “odd-ball challenge.”