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Narrow Noses

Here is my submission for the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge Narrow.

DSC_0136 (2)

Two Ibis standing on the “narrow” railing of a walkway and showing their long and “narrow” beaks.

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Don’t Miss Your Step.

Here is my “arty” take on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Steps, Stairs and Ladders

It is a shot within Fort Pulaski looking down the stairway from the ramparts.


The steps are steep and since they spiral they fade to nothing on one side.  This is one of those places that engender images of someone (aka Tybee Tabby) taking a header and being carted off in an ambulance.

Copyright 2016 – Tybee Tabby

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Electric Green

Developing Your Eye 1, Day Nine – A Pop of Color

Let’s go wild today.  I don’t know why but these lizards truly fascinate me.  From my on-line research, they are a kind of chameleon called a Carolina Anole.  I just think they are fun.  Plus this one is bright green and  fulfills the assignment.

DSC_0032 (2)

Copyright 2016 – Tybee Tabby

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Day 7 of Developing Your Eye 1 – Big

The powers that be are dredging the Savannah River so that even more gigantic boats can sail into the port and deliver more fine goods from around the world.


Here is a photo of a work ship moving up the river.  Just so you get a perspective of the size, take a look at the seagulls and kayak in the foreground and if you look on the right hand side of the boat you can just make out a guy sitting on the deck.  The only problem that I have with photographs like this is they really can’t give you the true feeling of how big and awe inspiring these ships are.

copyright 2016 Tybee Tabby

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Day Six of Developing Your Eye – Solitude

I love the solitude of the beach… the early morning…  the off season…  rainy and overcast days. 

Here is a photo of a bird. (I am guessing a green heron, if I interpreted my bird book correctly.)  He too is enjoying the solitude.

DSC_0300 (3)