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Lizard Lovin’

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

As I was wandering around, trying to get some bird pictures, I steadied myself with my hand against the walkway.  Lucky me… I missed hitting this couple by a few inches.  Lucky them…I might have interrupted their afternoon of passion.  They didn’t seem to mind my voyeuristic shot.  And, as oddball photos go, I think this is pretty unusual.

DSC_0319 (3)

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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Week 47

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge (#47)

I took these pictures about a month ago.  This seems like a good place to share.

Call it “Theme Mushroom”.


I saw this Mushroom growing out of the side of a tree.  I have seen wood mushrooms before, but not like this one.


These were in our lawn….wet weather = prime mushroom growing season.


They all seemed “odd” to me…hopefully to you too.

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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Week 14

Tybee Island, Georgia is a wonderful place.  It is also quirky.  That is just one of the reasons, I love it.  Highway 80 is the main road through town and as you are driving along you may run into this fine beast.  He and his assistant (or is that his lunch) are generally involved in some seasonal activity.  Since Spring has sprung, the dinosaurs are out doing a bit of gardening.

I have a feeling this one fits the “odd-ball challenge.”