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Food for Thought

I haven’t posted in quite a while. Since moving from the beach, my photographs are more mundane than before and I wasn’t sure anyone would really like them….but I was at my church service yesterday and had a thought (probably wasn’t paying as much attention, as I should have been). This is the result of that thought.

Sometimes I think about things, especially what is happening today, in the world, in the neighborhood and in my life. I think about the problems there are and what can be done to solve them. I think about the different opinions and priorities of people. What is best for all of us? Then I think about what I would do if I was “Queen of the World.” Here’s where it falls apart for me, most of the time it’s not black and white. Each side (and there could be more than two) have good points. So I thought I would put together some brief random thoughts and maybe we could mull over them together even though we are apart. So here is my first:

I put out bird food for the birds, but believe me the squirrels get more than their share. I don’t put out the food for them. Why do I sometimes get upset that people take advantage of food or supply give-aways? Most need the help. A few may be greedy. Some may be lazy. I have no clue how you could sort one from the other. You could put some complex system in place but that would cost a lot. What would the all knowing “Queen of the World” do?

Couple of thing:

Do you think this type of post is worthwhile?

Don’t feel you need to answer the question or random thought, I’m not sure there are answers.

Let me know if I am “preachy” believe me that is not my intent.

Please don’t be mean or nasty.



I retired from a rule-driven profession and moved to the beach in Georgia with my husband. Now I spend my time doing fun and creative things and enjoying the warm weather and my beautiful surroundings.

2 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. My photos and posts in general are pretty mundane, but there are people who wonder if I’m ok if I don’t post on the days I’m “supposed” to. Blogging still gives me pleasure, and goodness knows, it’s harder to find in quarantine. Share your world, even from time to time. It will give you pleasure. It will give others pleasure. Worry less about others. Our worlds, small as they seem, were created for us.

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