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Cee’s Photo Challenge: Leading Lines

Cee’s Photo Challenge: Leading Lines

Here are my photos for Cee’s Leading Lines Challenge.  I hope you enjoy…

DSC_0227 (6) (Almost) straight line of the railing supporting my two friends, the wood storks.


The horizon makes a nice line on this photo, but perhaps more prominent are the supports for the nets radiating off the boat.


Lots of lines in this one.  The edge of the bookshelf gets the lead in my mind.  P.S. Say hi to Swampy, our new kitten, who has at least tripled in size since this photo was taken.

DSC_0028 (2)From horizontal to vertical…this post provides a strong linear element.

…And finally for bonus points

DSC_0041 (2)The curve of the shore moving into the oyster bed draws the eye in this evening shot.



I retired from a rule-driven profession and moved to the beach in Georgia with my husband. Now I spend my time doing fun and creative things and enjoying the warm weather and my beautiful surroundings.

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