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Cee’s Photo Challenge: Leading Lines

Cee’s Photo Challenge: Leading Lines

Here are my photos for Cee’s Leading Lines Challenge.  I hope you enjoy…

DSC_0227 (6) (Almost) straight line of the railing supporting my two friends, the wood storks.


The horizon makes a nice line on this photo, but perhaps more prominent are the supports for the nets radiating off the boat.


Lots of lines in this one.  The edge of the bookshelf gets the lead in my mind.  P.S. Say hi to Swampy, our new kitten, who has at least tripled in size since this photo was taken.

DSC_0028 (2)From horizontal to vertical…this post provides a strong linear element.

…And finally for bonus points

DSC_0041 (2)The curve of the shore moving into the oyster bed draws the eye in this evening shot.

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Photo 101: Scale & Observation

I have been living on Tybee over three years now and I am still fascinated by the massive size of the container ships that go up the river.  This is a photo taken yesterday afternoon of a container ship as it rounded a point on the island.  The ship is fairly close to the shore.  To determine scale look at the people on the beach (aka the tiny dots).  You can also look at each of the containers on the ship and recognize that they are semi truck trailers.

DSC_0179 (2)Here is an older close up of a container ship with a tug boat in front of it.  Perhaps it is even better to determine scale.  You can see the tug’s captain if you look closely in the window.


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Photo 101: Connect

I’m not quite sure why, but I had trouble finding an image to go with the term “connect”.  The shot I selected is of a variety of sea birds and dolphins who have “connected” the shrimp boat with the source of a tasty meal.  If you are on the beach and want to see dolphins….follow the shrimpers.

DSC_0185 (3)

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Photo 101: Water and Orientation

Landscape or Portrait?  That is the question.  I find myself taking about 95% of my photos in landscape orientation.  Occasionally, for something tall and picky, (single humans, lighthouse, spiky plants) I will go portrait, but not otherwise,   Here are two boat shots that I took this afternoon.  Large container ships coming out of the Port of Savannah.  Let me know which you like better.

P.S. I was leaning toward the landscape (like always), but I think the portrait shows better here, perhaps because it is enlarged a bit more.

DSC_0041 DSC_0042

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Photo Challenge: Scale

The huge cargo ships that travel the Savannah River impressed me when I first saw them and continue to impress me today.  These ships are gigantic.  Each of the rectangles on the deck of the ship is a trailer from a semi-truck, giving you some sense of the size of the ship.  Seeing them up close and personal gives the best perspective.  The second shot of the tug in front of the cargo ship may provide an even better sense of scale.  You can see the tug pilot in the cabin.


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Photo Challenge -Twinkle -Droplets and Dredge


Two very different pictures for today’s theme, “Twinkle”.

The first is a shot of a cedar tree with dew glistening on its branches.  I was walking and taking bird pictures last week and this branch caught my eye….too bad the birdie wasn’t in the frame as well.

DSC_0327The second shot is of a dredge traveling up the river at night.  It was rather close to the shore and startled me when it came into my line of sight, since it was so unexpected.  I must admit, the twinkle was brighter in person than in the photo.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular

Four very different options on angular.

The first is a picture of an angular walkway with a blue heron perched on the rail.


The second is piece of bamboo laying at an angle next to a butterfly.

DSC_0001 (2)

The third is a fishing boat with all kinds of angles for the masts and lines.


The final is a barge being pulled by a tug on the Savannah River.  The dredge creates a nice 45 degree angle.


Please let me which one you think is the most representative of the word “angular” and this challenge.