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Photo 101: Big and Point of View

Tybee Island has a lighthouse, actually it has two if you count the Cockspur Lighthouse.  Today I am focusing (pun intended) on the main lighthouse.  It is big and very photogenic.  When I am on one of my ambitious beach walks, I always like to take pictures of the lighthouse.  Here is a gallery of photos that I took of the lighthouse with a few different perspectives.  (See I actually paid attention to our weekend assignment.)

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Photo 101: Connect

I’m not quite sure why, but I had trouble finding an image to go with the term “connect”.  The shot I selected is of a variety of sea birds and dolphins who have “connected” the shrimp boat with the source of a tasty meal.  If you are on the beach and want to see dolphins….follow the shrimpers.

DSC_0185 (3)

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Photo 101 – Day Five: Solitude & the “Rule of Thirds”

I truly love the beach.  The vastness of the ocean.  The unique wildlife.  The boats moving purposefully across the water.  The calls of the seabirds and the grumbling of the waves.  To me the best time on the beach is when you are alone and can contemplate the world.  Solitude.  It is when you know God is with you.

I rarely take photos of other on the beach.  I am a private person and I want to respect others’ privacy.  If I do get a shot with another human being, I try to make sure that they are not identifiable. 

This picture was taken after the sun had set.  It was a misty day and the colors of the sunset were dreamlike.  I took some wonderful shots of the Cockspur Lighthouse that were like a scene from a fairy tale.  This was the last picture of the night, when I was on my way home.  To me it evokes feelings on calmness, peace and solitude.


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Photo 101: Bliss (Captioned)

Since the first time I visited, I loved the beach.  While I am not one for laying in the sun or surfing the waves, the quiet times around sunrise and sunset are so wonderful.  A beautiful sunset, preferably with those I love by my side, is my idea of bliss.  Since we moved to Tybee, you can find me most evenings racing down the walkway to take a photo of the pretty sunset.  I hope you enjoy this one.

Tybee Island Sunset
Tybee Island Sunset
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Photo 101: Water and Orientation

Landscape or Portrait?  That is the question.  I find myself taking about 95% of my photos in landscape orientation.  Occasionally, for something tall and picky, (single humans, lighthouse, spiky plants) I will go portrait, but not otherwise,   Here are two boat shots that I took this afternoon.  Large container ships coming out of the Port of Savannah.  Let me know which you like better.

P.S. I was leaning toward the landscape (like always), but I think the portrait shows better here, perhaps because it is enlarged a bit more.

DSC_0041 DSC_0042

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Photo 101: Wide Angle Street Scene

For a piece of true Americana and a small town adventure, I give you Tybee Island Pirate Day Parade.  These types of parades occur about 5 or 6 times a year and are quirky, fun and suitable for all ages.  And as they say, “everyone loves a parade.”

IMG_0735 (2)Just a couple of comments, regarding why I used this shot:

I messed up my knees last week and when I finally went to the doctor’s yesterday, my hubby had to help me down the stairs.   I have been using archive pictures for the daily assignment, at least until I can get a bit more mobile.  Day 2 and I can’t find any shots I really like in the file.   Grrrr!  I am going with one that I think is just okay.  It does hit the theme, wide angle and it is a street shot.  It is also very cluttered.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Perspective

Things sure can look different depending on your point of view.  Here are two shots of the same type of beach bird (a type of tern, I think).  The first is head on  and the birds remind me of penguins.  The second is the more common side view.  What a difference an angle makes.

DSC_0165 (3)