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Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

Beneath Your Feet – Photo Challenge

DSC_0173 (4)I tell you it wasn’t planned.  We have a 17-year-old cat.  She is grumpy, she is the queen and she likes being an only cat.  I told hubby that I would not inflict a new pet on her, but let her have a peaceful senior life.   And then we took out the trash….

Those of you that have seen my blog, likely know that I live near the marsh.  Well the neighbor hears crying  near the trash bins.  She tries to get the kitty.  No luck.  I wander out.  Kitty won’t come.  This goes on for about three days, the neighbors try to coax her out.  We are contemplating calling animal control for a rescue.  Hubby says to me, “do you want me to get her.”  I say, “yes”.  So he climbs on the drainage pipe in the culvert and tries to grab her.  Several attempts, one fall on the pipe and another neighbor walks by and says I have a crab net, do you want to try that.  Hubby does and is successful.   My hero!

We welcome “Swampy” into our household.  Que, the senior cat, does not like this, but after three weeks has come to accept that the intruder will not be leaving.

Swampy is a cute little scamp and beneath our feet is where she can generally be found.

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Photo Challenge – Reward

I had a tough time with this challenge.  For me, a reward can be a surprise bunch of flowers from my husband or a cup of tea and trashy novel to read.  Then I thought about “De Cat”.  Her favorite reward is a batch of kitty treats and believe me, she gets rewarded often.  Then I thought about my outdoor critter friends and how their reward can be a successful hunt.  So today, here are three photos for you.

My Reward:

DSC_0109De  Cat’s Reward:

DSC_0134The Hawk’s Reward:DSC_0257 (3)

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Cee’s Photo Challenge – Odd Ball Challenge Week 7

We went to the Mardi Gras Parade yesterday on Tybee.  The  island parades are always fun and an opportunity to act a little silly.  Plus the marchers hand out swag.  Who could ask for more?  A pink octopus wearing a purple mask and sporting a lei….it just seemed to fit the “odd ball” challenge.

DSC_0018 (2)

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry (The Doublemint Twins)

As I am taking photos of the beach and marsh critters, I sometimes talk to the animals and occasionally I give them names.  (Yes, I am weird, but generally nobody else is around so there are no complaints.)  These two I named the Doublemint Twins.  I think that their pose demonstrates symmetry quite well.

DSC_0191 (3)