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What did the Stork Bring?

I thought I would share my photo of the morning.  I haven’t seen wood storks too often in my neck of the swamp.  This fine character was hunting for crabs for breakfast.

Wood Stork in the Marsh
Wood Stork in the Marsh
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Photo 101: Nature and Natural Lines

Nature is one of my favorite photographic areas.  There are so many beautiful and interesting things out there.  Here is a shot of a wild flower on the beach.  These fascinate me because they are so delicate and beautiful, but grow wild in the sandy unfriendly soil right on the beach and dunes.

Convolvulus arvensis Orchard morning glory
Convolvulus arvensis
Orchard morning glory
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Photo Challenge: Motion

Critters, critters and more critters…I had trouble picking just one picture for this photo challenge.  So I selected three.  I think they all convey the theme of motion.

The first is a group of plovers…the wave is crashing the bird is flying…movement everywhere.

DSC_0242 (3)The second photo is a shot of a local coyote.  He was moving quickly, likely to get away from the human who was excitedly snapping pictures.


The last picture is a shot of a blue heron rising out of the marsh.  If you look closely at the bottom right of the photo, you can see the spray of water flowing off its feet.

DSC_0073 (3)I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry (The Doublemint Twins)

As I am taking photos of the beach and marsh critters, I sometimes talk to the animals and occasionally I give them names.  (Yes, I am weird, but generally nobody else is around so there are no complaints.)  These two I named the Doublemint Twins.  I think that their pose demonstrates symmetry quite well.

DSC_0191 (3)

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Beachy Birds

For your viewing pleasure….here are some beachy birds.


Blue Heron on the rooftop.  He is perched on one foot with his claw in the middle of his stomach…actually a little creepy, if you look close enough.

  DSC_0227 (2)

Close up of a hawk on the walkway….pooh and all.

DSC_0185 (2)

It was a drizzly and dreary day.  The heron reminds me of the wise man on top of the mountain.  Do you think I should have asked him about the meaning of life?

DSC_0313 I think these guys are ibis (s).  They were the closest pictures in the bird book…..Anybody know for sure please correct me.

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Photo Challenge -Twinkle -Droplets and Dredge


Two very different pictures for today’s theme, “Twinkle”.

The first is a shot of a cedar tree with dew glistening on its branches.  I was walking and taking bird pictures last week and this branch caught my eye….too bad the birdie wasn’t in the frame as well.

DSC_0327The second shot is of a dredge traveling up the river at night.  It was rather close to the shore and startled me when it came into my line of sight, since it was so unexpected.  I must admit, the twinkle was brighter in person than in the photo.