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Cee’s Photo Challenge: Simplicity

Cee’s Photo Challenge: Simplicity

DSC_0073Here is my first shot (a very lucky one).  Single egret against a blue grey sky…I was even able to manage the rule of three (sort of).

DSC_0073 (4) Of course I had to play with the shot.  Some cropping, changed to black and white and using the vignette feature on the editing tool.

DSC_0153I took this shot this afternoon.  I was able to get fairly close to the egret.

DSC_0153 (2)Here is the same shot, cropped and converted to black and white.

DSC_0153 (3)Same shot with the edges darkened using the vignette tool again.  I thought it brought the focus in on the bird.

DSC_0170Here’s my final series….again taken this afternoon.  Pretty butterfly.

DSC_0170 (2)Here is a simple crop to focus in on the butterfly.

DSC_0170 (3)And the final version with the background softened to make it more “dreamlike”.

Let me know what you think.  Positive or Negative.  I welcome your comments, since they help me to improve.

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Photo 101: Nature and Natural Lines

Nature is one of my favorite photographic areas.  There are so many beautiful and interesting things out there.  Here is a shot of a wild flower on the beach.  These fascinate me because they are so delicate and beautiful, but grow wild in the sandy unfriendly soil right on the beach and dunes.

Convolvulus arvensis Orchard morning glory
Convolvulus arvensis
Orchard morning glory
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Photo Challenge – Reward

I had a tough time with this challenge.  For me, a reward can be a surprise bunch of flowers from my husband or a cup of tea and trashy novel to read.  Then I thought about “De Cat”.  Her favorite reward is a batch of kitty treats and believe me, she gets rewarded often.  Then I thought about my outdoor critter friends and how their reward can be a successful hunt.  So today, here are three photos for you.

My Reward:

DSC_0109De  Cat’s Reward:

DSC_0134The Hawk’s Reward:DSC_0257 (3)