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Cream Puffs, Husband and Cat

I made a batch of cream puffs on Tuesday. Now I bought myself an injector around the holidays. I wanted to be tidier and make a prettier puff. Tuesday was the second time I used the injector. Filling the things went better than the first time. But, when it came time to refill, I must not have tightened the nozzle enough, so when I squeezed the trigger cream went all over the place, including the floor.

Enter the husband….who says, “let me help with cleaning that up.” You may recall, the cat from other posts….the fat black and white one….He doesn’t eat people food, just Meow Mix and kitty treats. So hubby puts kitty treats in the spilled cream. The cat wanders over looks at the treats and cream and taste tests…..He proceeds to say “Meow, Yuck” and wanders away….leaving a trail of cream across the floor. Now I have cream and kitty treats all over the floor. And a long haired cat, with pastry cream in his tail.

I love it when hubby helps.