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Peaceful Waters

DP Photo Challenge: Relax

I have always found the sight and sound of water relaxing…a stream, a river, a lake or an ocean.  I hope that you too can relax today in the way that you love best.


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The Power of Water

Photo Challenge: H2O

Calm peaceful water…a source of joy, a thing of beauty.  Tybee Island on a warm clear day.  The egret searching for his dinner.

This past week, not so much.  Hurricane Matthew changed our landscape and reminded us of the power of water.  Lots of damage, but no loss of life in our little community.  We’ll clean up and move forward and always remember the power of water.


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Developing Your Eye – Day 3, the topic is water…always one of my favorites and one of the reasons that I became a beach bum.

I took these shots last Sunday when I was wandering by the lighthouse.  They’re a bit different.  Notice the pelican in both shots. First shot is landscape and pelican is only part of the background.  Second is portrait and the pelican is the focus.  Of course, water features prominently in both.

Which do you prefer?

DSC_0103 (3)DSC_0105 (3)

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