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Photo Challenge: Blur

I was wandering with my camera and I spotted this heron through the trees.  I was trying to creep in closely to get a shot, knowing that if I was noticed my subject would take flight.  The branch blocked my shot as I focused on the bird and made a large blur….but my buddy was in focus.  The pictured survived the cut.  I must have been anticipating this challenge.  : )


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Cee’s Photo Challenge – Odd Ball Challenge Week 7

We went to the Mardi Gras Parade yesterday on Tybee.  The  island parades are always fun and an opportunity to act a little silly.  Plus the marchers hand out swag.  Who could ask for more?  A pink octopus wearing a purple mask and sporting a lei….it just seemed to fit the “odd ball” challenge.

DSC_0018 (2)

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Photo Challenge: Scale

The huge cargo ships that travel the Savannah River impressed me when I first saw them and continue to impress me today.  These ships are gigantic.  Each of the rectangles on the deck of the ship is a trailer from a semi-truck, giving you some sense of the size of the ship.  Seeing them up close and personal gives the best perspective.  The second shot of the tug in front of the cargo ship may provide an even better sense of scale.  You can see the tug pilot in the cabin.