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Fishes-Birds-Shells- Sunsets….All in the Abstract

Photo Challenge – Abstract

Here are 4 pictures for the abstract category.  The first is a group of tiny fish in a murky pond.  I played with the colors a bit…not one of my usual photos, but I thought it was interesting.

DSC_0221 (5)

Second photo is a blue heron.  The pine branches distracted from the heron, but they do make an abstract background.

DSC_0208 (3)

Here’s one of Tybee’s famous sunsets…the colors make it seem like an abstract painting.


And last, here is a group of oyster shells.  I thought they made a cool abstract shape.


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Photo 101 – Day Five: Solitude & the “Rule of Thirds”

I truly love the beach.  The vastness of the ocean.  The unique wildlife.  The boats moving purposefully across the water.  The calls of the seabirds and the grumbling of the waves.  To me the best time on the beach is when you are alone and can contemplate the world.  Solitude.  It is when you know God is with you.

I rarely take photos of other on the beach.  I am a private person and I want to respect others’ privacy.  If I do get a shot with another human being, I try to make sure that they are not identifiable. 

This picture was taken after the sun had set.  It was a misty day and the colors of the sunset were dreamlike.  I took some wonderful shots of the Cockspur Lighthouse that were like a scene from a fairy tale.  This was the last picture of the night, when I was on my way home.  To me it evokes feelings on calmness, peace and solitude.