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Don’t Miss Your Step.

Here is my “arty” take on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Steps, Stairs and Ladders

It is a shot within Fort Pulaski looking down the stairway from the ramparts.


The steps are steep and since they spiral they fade to nothing on one side.  This is one of those places that engender images of someone (aka Tybee Tabby) taking a header and being carted off in an ambulance.

Copyright 2016 – Tybee Tabby

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Fishes-Birds-Shells- Sunsets….All in the Abstract

Photo Challenge – Abstract

Here are 4 pictures for the abstract category.  The first is a group of tiny fish in a murky pond.  I played with the colors a bit…not one of my usual photos, but I thought it was interesting.

DSC_0221 (5)

Second photo is a blue heron.  The pine branches distracted from the heron, but they do make an abstract background.

DSC_0208 (3)

Here’s one of Tybee’s famous sunsets…the colors make it seem like an abstract painting.


And last, here is a group of oyster shells.  I thought they made a cool abstract shape.


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Purple or Blue Flowers

Here is my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers Purple or Blue

IMG_0143 (2)

Here is a purple water lily from a visit to Epcot.


Purple crocus from our backyard in Pennsylvania…..note the photographer’s shadow….dang.

DSC_0281 (3)

Here are some purple petunias from our flower pot this past summer.

DSC_0165 (3)

And lastly, purple wisteria from one of the neighbor’s yard.