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Photo 101: Treasure & Close-up

This is perhaps my favorite assignment, so far.  Too often I can be a pessimist and focus on the negatives.  This assignment made me look at the positive and all the treasures in my life.    I live in a great place and time.  I am relatively healthy.  I have freedom and resources to live the way I want.  I can be quirky and weird or I can be straight-laced or conservative.  If you don’t like what I am doing, that’s okay, I can still do it.  I have my family and my friends to enjoy life with me and they make it all worthwhile.  Here are some photos of my treasures from just the last twenty-four hours.  As photo art, they may not be prize-worthy, but they remind me of just a fraction of the treasures I have in my life.

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I retired from a rule-driven profession and moved to the beach in Georgia with my husband. Now I spend my time doing fun and creative things and enjoying the warm weather and my beautiful surroundings.

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