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Photo 101: Home

I signed up for the Photo 101 Class here at WordPress.  Since I have no formal training in photography, I thought this might be a good place to start.  Eventually, I hope to take a physical class so that I can find out more about all the cool buttons on my camera, that I currently ignore.  Then maybe I can get into the editing part.  I have seen some of the spectacular stuff others have done with colors and highlighting and light….so much to learn.  Lucky I am retired so now I have the time. 

The first assignment for class is “home”.  To me home is where my family is; where my hubby and I sit and eat our dinner and laugh at the stupid shows on television.  It is where we see our “senior” cat passed out on various pieces of furniture though out the house.  Currently home is Tybee Island, GA in the USA.  Here is a photo taken from the walkway at the rear of our house.  Home is on the left.

DSC_0018 (2)DSC_0018 (4)One of our classmates suggested that I might cut the left side of the house to see how that would look.   I tried the suggestion and I think from a photographic point of view it does look better. It may have something to do with the rule of thirds, photographers talk about. I took out about half the house and straightened the photo a bit.  Only one problem….the half I took out is the half we live in aka “home”. LOL



I retired from a rule-driven profession and moved to the beach in Georgia with my husband. Now I spend my time doing fun and creative things and enjoying the warm weather and my beautiful surroundings.

2 thoughts on “Photo 101: Home

  1. My parents visited Tybee Island in March and fell in love! I’ll have to pass on your link. I like the second pic a bit better only because the walkway to the house stands out more and it has so much texture. A beautiful home! 🙂

    1. Thank you. We fell in love with the island when we visited down here too. Then we moved from PA. Must be something in the water….wait….that wasn’t water I was drinking. : )

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