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Photo Challenge – Serenity

All you need to do is place yourself on the swing…with a perfect day and a light breeze…there you have it, “Serenity”.




I retired from a rule-driven profession and moved to the beach in Georgia with my husband. Now I spend my time doing fun and creative things and enjoying the warm weather and my beautiful surroundings.

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Serenity

  1. Hey! We are big fans of Tybee 🙂 Looked for your “About” page but found none. Can you catch us up? Thx… love your photos!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. My hubby and I vacationed on Tybee and liked it so much we moved down here three years ago from Pennsylvania. As you can tell, I love to wander along the beach. There is always something interesting to photograph.

      1. Oh, we envy you! We have spent many happy summer weeks—and sea kayak symposiums (oh, all right, symposia)—at Tybee. Do you ever paddle with Sea Kayak Georgia? Please say “hey” to Marsha and Ronnie for us! BTW, we are curious to know what it’s like to live in Tybee year-round… Do you go to Savannah often, or are you content to stay on the island? It IS gorgeous. Jean & Alex

      2. Tybee is great. We enjoy it year round, but for me the off season is best. We go to Wilmington Island and Savannah fairly often for shopping and a few other “activities”. I do a bit of pottery and the studio is in Savannah. I haven’t done any kayaking. I wouldn’t mind doing it, but would need some training.

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